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It’s difficult to stay on top of your digital privacy, but we intend to help.

Do not sell my personal information

Whether you just signed up for LeadiQ or just found out that a company acquired your information from our database or the database of one of our third-party partners, understanding your privacy rights is crucial in today’s digital world. Our Privacy Center contains resources to help you understand your privacy rights, and provides you with the tools to control how your data is used in our database.

If you’ve become aware that LeadiQ has a profile on you. You can claim that profile. This will give you control of the data in our database.

Claim profile from other data providers

The profiles in our database consist of business contact information. Requesting access will give you a look at what we currently store about you. From there you can claim that profile or request removal.

Request Access from other data providers

We understand that you’re in charge of what happens with your personal data. Removing yourself from our database is as simple as clicking the button to the right and requesting removal.

Request removal from other data providers

Privacy Resource Center

Whether it’s CCPA, GDPR, or any of the other up and coming privacy laws, LeadIQ has organized a database of links and stories to help you understand the every changing landscape.

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Privacy Articles

The privacy landscape is changing. Frankly, It’s hard to keep track of. LeadiQ has assembled an ever-growing database of the latest informational articles on privacy being posted all over the internet.

Latest Articles

Quick Bites

Reading laws can be overwhelming. We’ve developed a series of short animated videos that describe some of the more complicated elements of current privacy law.

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